The Ultimate Guide To Beating Escape Room Games

The Ultimate Guide To Beating Escape Room Games

Escape Rooms Are Great For Fun And Challenge, But Not For Drunk Players

The first step to beating an escape room game is to come in sober and ready for problem-solving, quick decision making, and effective communication. Be sure to drink plenty of water and eat before arriving at the escape room, as a sluggish brain won’t be able to focus on the puzzles and challenges. Learn more

Beating an Escape Room with Friends or Coworkers

The key to winning an escape room is to have a team that’s capable of working together and helping each other succeed. This means you’ll need a few people who have different strengths and weaknesses, but are also willing to help each other find solutions.

Expert Tips for Beating Any Escape Room Game

The time in an escape room is limited, so it’s easy to get frustrated as you work through the puzzles and solve riddles. The goal is to find a solution to each puzzle, so fight fatigue and resist frustration by staying focused and keeping an eye on the clock.

Identify Clues With Your Senses

It’s a common error for escapists to ignore puzzles that use their senses like lights, sounds and smells. These clues are sometimes very specific, so it’s important to pay attention to them and remember what they mean.

Ignore Some Stuff That Isn’t A Clue

There are many things in an escape room that don’t serve any purpose and can actually be a red herring. This includes books, items that are clearly made for a purpose, and anything else that seems to be a hint but isn’t.

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