The Castle Ghost House

The Castle Ghost house

The Castle Ghost house is a great attraction for the whole family. With the haunted maze and a horror themed bar, there is plenty to keep the entire group entertained. From the animated dolls to the creepy eyes watching in the dark, the experience is perfect for the entire family.

While there is plenty to see and do, the real hauntings of the house are what will get you scared. Many visitors have reported seeing a handsome young man dressed in black, a woman in a white dress, and a girl running away from the property. There are also several legends of murders on the property, some of which may be related to Anthony Sauer, the original owner of the house.

It is thought that a priest haunts the Bloody Chapel in the castle. In the late 19th century, the Castle was renovated and found a secret dungeon full of skeletons. When the former owner of the house died, he committed suicide by throwing himself off the tower.

A ghostly bride has also been seen at the castle. Some say it’s the spirit of a drowned woman who was married to the previous owner. Another tale tells of a young couple who were forbidden to marry by the Talbot family and were killed in a fight. This is also said to be the cause of the current haunting.

During the prohibition years, the castle was used as a speakeasy and gambling hall. In 1938, the building was damaged by fire. According to one story, a tunnel in the back of the castle was used to deliver alcohol. Apparently, the tunnel was also rumored to be a secret passageway to Lake Worth.

For years, the building was also a private club for visiting dignitaries. Dwight Eisenhower briefly stayed in the castle, but left soon after. However, he and his wife did not have a child together. After he died, his wife and their great-granddaughter were left buried in the backyard of the house. Afterward, the widows would often walk the streets at night.

Guests have also reported hearing a crying baby. They have reported spine tingling sounds in the courtyard. Several have even felt the presence of an observant entity.

Many of the items that were stolen from the Castle were antique chandeliers, wall sconces, and a garden tractor. Other rumors involve a young boy hanging from the bridge and a commode pulling away from the wall.

One of the most popular hauntings is the “Woman in White.” Most of the time, this is a common occurrence. But the sight of a person in a white dress can be extremely frightful. Although these ghosts are not vengeful, they can cause some discomfort.

The Castle has a Facebook page, which has drawn a lot of attention. The site has a constant flow of traffic and break-ins. Even the caretaker of the Castle is threatened and trespassed on a regular basis. As of this writing, the page has a 4.4 rating on Google.