Opening a Magic Mushroom Dispensary in Toronto

Magic mushroom dispensary Toronto cannabis went legal, many expected magic mushrooms would follow suit. But the government still considers them Schedule III drugs and only allows psilocybin to be sold with a doctor’s prescription, not in stores. But that’s not stopping the owners of a mushroom shop in Toronto from going ahead with their plans to open Canada’s first storefront specializing in the hallucinogen.

A nurse behind the counter at Shroomyz explains the differences between more than 180 different types of psychedelic mushrooms, some of which are sold dried and others in gummies or tea. The customers include those with PTSD and depression, as well as people who use the mushrooms to “microdose” a small amount of psilocybin in order to manage their symptoms.

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The storefront, which is tucked into the corner of an unassuming building on Queen Street West, looks like any other marijuana dispensary, with windows taped off and a buzzer system for entering. Inside, the shop is clean and bright, with a few pieces of magic mushroom art on the walls and books on the subject. A menu on two screens lists the products, including both edibles and dried mushrooms.

Kagan says he’s not worried about being shut down by police, who have raided several illegal dispensaries and seized product in the past. He and his business partner have been working in the cannabis industry for years and have no problem pushing boundaries — they’ve run a weed-seed distribution campaign called Overgrow Canada and mailed grams of weed to Liberal politicians.

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