Luxury Cinema Seats Boost Ticket Sales and Create a Lasting Impression

luxury cinema seats

Luxury cinema seats are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition, and a big way is with luxury cinema seats. These high-performance theater chairs offer the comfort of a home theatre, resulting in an enhanced movie experience that boosts ticket sales and creates a lasting impression with your customers.

A great example is the Cinemark Luxury Lounger, a plush, electricity-powered oversize lounge chair that has cup holders and footrests and reclines both at the head and feet. This theater location’s XD theaters are also equipped with ButtKicker seats, which amplify sound so that your audience can hear every detail of the onscreen action.

Indulge in Opulence: Exploring the World of Luxury Cinema Seating

The trend toward upscale cinema experiences continues unabated. Some smaller theaters have started offering food and drinks served straight to their luxury cinema recliners, such as the 15-screen Village Cinema in Meridian, Idaho. This cinema offers adult-only VIP screens, reclining leather seating from Leadcom and dine-in options.

Other larger chains are experimenting with different ways to make moviegoing an interactive experience. The Academy Award-winning XD movie theater in New York City features motion seats synced to the film to add movement during pinnacle parts of an action or horror movie. Imagine watching the Millennium Falcon complete its Kessel Run in 12 parsecs and feeling your chair rumble during that thrilling sequence.

When shopping for VIP cinema seating, look for a manufacturer that offers customizable features and a high level of customer support and post-sale service. For example, a good manufacturer will offer seat cushion and frame customizations so that you can tailor the aesthetic of your seats to match your brand identity. They should also provide replacement seating parts for a long lifespan, which can save on costs.

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