Kettlebell Ab Workouts

wkettle bell ab workouts

wkettle bell ab workouts are a great way to build your core strength, balance and cardio. Plus, they can help you spot-reduce fat.

To get a washboard abs, you need to target each area of your stomach muscles. To make it happen, you need to pick the right exercises that are suited to you and your fitness goals.

The best way to choose ab exercises is to start by asking yourself what your goals are and designing a circuit that includes several exercises that work your different areas.

For example, if your goal is to burn fat and lose belly fat, you can start by trying some calorie-burning kettlebell movements like front rack squats and thrusters.

Full-Body Kettlebell Workouts for Amazing Abs

Alternatively, if your goal is to strengthen and tone your abs while strengthening your core, you can try some exercises that work both your abdominals and back muscles.

Plank pull-through

To do this exercise, lie down on a mat with your legs spread a little wider than shoulder width apart. Grasp a light kettlebell with your left hand, reaching it toward the left side of your body. Keeping your core engaged and shoulders back, pull the bell under your torso, releasing it as you come up to stand.

Horizontal row

For this exercise, you will need to be able to do a good plank position and keep your hips high and core tight. You will also need to counteract all the sitting that we do everyday with a powerful and stable vertical row movement.

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