How to Choose Walkin Refrigerators

walkin refrigerators

Whether your facility is a university foodservice operation, batch cooking restaurant or healthcare foodservice facility you can find the walkin refrigerator that fits your space and budget. The key is to carefully plan the dimensions of your new walkin before you order so that when it arrives, everything fits and installation is a breeze.

Choose a walkin refrigerators with an energy-efficient exterior, such as Polar King fiberglass, which has natural properties against conductivity and can save you money over time by reducing electricity consumption. A fiberglass exterior is also more durable than aluminum or steel, helping your walkin last longer without structural issues or degrading door or insulation panels.

Walk-In Refrigerators: Cooling Solutions for Businesses That Demand Freshness

Look for a self-contained refrigeration system that is pre-assembled and ready to install. This includes a compressor and condenser that sit on the roof of your walkin freezer or cooler, with the evaporator coil built into a single frame interconnected with pre-charged refrigeration lines. This eliminates the need for a separate evaporator coil dangling from the ceiling and allows you to use 100% of the interior space.

Assign each shelf and product with a label (especially for items that have a similar appearance), date purchased, and location within your walkin to avoid cross-contamination. Using the first-in, first-out (FIFO) method helps reduce waste. Also be sure to keep shelves at least 6 inches above the floor, since this minimizes contamination from spilled liquids. And don’t forget to use a temperature display that is easy to read so you can regularly check the internal air temperature of your walkin.

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